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Getting your loft conversion design right

Adams Attics has been creating loft conversions in Brighton, and all over the South for over 25 years...

If you want a fabulous master bedroom with en-suite? Office space to work from adams attics home? Playroom or adams attics home cinema? We can help to create the space you want.

If you're looking for someone you can trust, who can help you with the design of your loft conversion, at Adams Attics we can help!

Adams Attics is the website of Julian Adams loft conversion design, and provides loft conversion plans servicing the locality in Sussex and beyond. Julian Adams used to build loft conversions himself and firmly believes that the design stage is critical, as once it’s built it’s too late! Also, the information shown on the loft plans and the way the plans are laid out is crucial to a smooth construction process, as well as optimising on materials and minimising build costs. Julian works extensively with loft conversion specialist companies who use him to draw all their plans, but will also work directly for the customers themselves. Some architects avoid taking on loft conversions as they can be really complicated and even professionals who are unfamiliar with lofts can become quickly unstuck! It’s really wise to use only specialist people for both the design and the construction of the conversion.

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